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Over the past year, the number of people visiting events at the Lahti Fair Centre has either remained the same or increased, despite the recession. Of our autumn events, the Kätevä-Tekevä-Lukeva trio of fairs attracted a record audience while the number of visitors to the Caravan fair remained unaffected by the economic downturn. Trade fairs continue to be popular, too. Studies have shown that both visitors and exhibitors feel that the events held in Lahti are important. Targeted face-to-face contact with the customer base is becoming increasingly important in the changing media landscape.

Thanks to an extensive expansion and refurbishment, the appeal of the facilities available at the Lahti Fair Centre has grown significantly. In 2014, the events held at the Lahti Fair Centre attracted nearly 250,000 visitors.

In 2015, we will see the return of a number of popular fairs and the introduction of new events. One of the special themes of this year’s Raksa, Lahti Fair Ltd’s most popular event, will be the conversion of holiday homes to year-round use. The much-anticipated Pihapiiri fair, held on the last weekend of April, will signal the start of the spring season in Lahti. In May, motorcycle shows will make a welcome return to Lahti, cementing the Lahti Fair Centre’s reputation as a premier arena for vehicle and motorsport events. The seasonal timing of the event, combined with the location, offers visitors to the Lahti Motorcycle Fair a unique opportunity for test-driving street and off-road bikes and equipment. Thanks to the accessibility of the venue, visitors can start the new season by arriving at the fair by motorcycle. There will also be a host of other events for bikers in the scenic Lahti region over the fair weekend.

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